At The Shrimp Boat, you’ll find fresh, “boat-to-table” seafood including shrimp stone crabs, hand-cut, sushi-grade tuna fillets, clams and live lobster. This is the only place in the Ocean City area to get head-on shrimp!

    • Appetizers

    • Baltimore Shrimp (GF)

    • Captain Joe’s Fresh Shrimp (GF)

      Captain Joe’s Fresh Shrimp (GF)

      $Market Price

      Fresh off the boat! Jumbo head-on shrimp. Available by the pound.

    • Clams Casino (4, GF)


      Clams on the half shell topped with bacon, provolone and housemade butter sauce

    • Crab Balls


      Handpicked lump crabmeat fried and served with our homemade cocktail

    • Grouper Bites


      Lightly dusted with our house breading and flash fried served with our housemade grouper sauce

    • Homemade Crab Dip

      Homemade Crab Dip


      Our classic crab dip made with handpicked blue crabmeat baked with monteray jack cheese and served with our housemade tortilla chips

    • Prince Edward Island Mussels (GF)

      Prince Edward Island Mussels (GF)


      Pound of Canada's best sauteed in chardonnay, garlic and butter served with a toasted New England roll

    • Sautéed Clams (GF)

      Sautéed Clams (GF)


      Virginia clams sauteeed in chardonnay, garlic and butter served with a toasted New England roll

    • Scallop Chetti (GF)


      Half pound of local sea scallops broiled in our wine. butter and garlic sauce and served with a toasted New Enaland roll

    • Seaside Salt Oysters (6, GF)

      Seaside Salt Oysters (6, GF)


      Half dozen local oysters shucked and served with a fresh lemon wedge and our homemade cocktail sauce

    • Shrimp Boat Wings (1LB., GF)

      Shrimp Boat Wings (1LB., GF)


      Traditional wings fried and tossed in honey and our locally famous shrimp spice. Served with your choice of ranch or blue

    • Salads

    • House Salad

      House Salad


      Spring mix of veggies with homemade croutons

      Add-ons: Shrimp Salad (+$7.99), Broiled Salmon (+$8.99), Grilled Chicken (+$7.99)

      Dressings: "Shrimp Boat" Vinegarette, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard

    • Burgers & Sandwiches

      All are served with our house-cut fries.
      Burgers served with lettuce, tomato and onion.
      Add cheese for $1.50

    • Blackened Chicken Club

      Blackened Chicken Club


      Blackened chicken breast served with bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato

    • Chesapeake Burger

      Chesapeake Burger


      A quarter pound smash patty topped with our creamy crab dip

      Make it a double for only +$4.99

    • Chilled Ahi Tuna Tacos

      Chilled Ahi Tuna Tacos


      Three tacos served with fresh pico, slaw, cheese and our homemade avocado mild sauce or ghost pepper hot sauce

    • Fried Flounder Sandwich

      Fried Flounder Sandwich


      Whole fish filet hand breaded and flash-fried

    • Handmade Double Cheeseburger

      Handmade Double Cheeseburger


      Topped with your choice of American or smoked cheddar cheese

    • Jumbo Lump Crab Cake

      Jumbo Lump Crab Cake


      Fresh jumbo lump crabmeat broiled golden brown

    • Lump Crab Melt


      Fresh picked lump crabmeat wedged between two slices of toasted white bread and melted cheddar

    • Oyster Po Boy


      Half pound of breaded oysters with lettuce, tomato and mayo served on a hoagie roll

    • Quarter Pound Smash Burger


      Classic smash burger!

    • Shrimp Po Boy


      Jumbo fried shrimp with lettuce, tomato and mayo served on a hoagie roll

    • Shrimp Salad Sandwich

      Shrimp Salad Sandwich


      Fresh shrimp, light mayo, lemon and Shrimp Boat spice make this the best shrimp salad around!

    • Shrimp Sliders

      Shrimp Sliders


      Two little samiches with our special sauce. This was featured in the Baltimore Sun!

    • Shrimp Tacos

      Shrimp Tacos


      Three tacos served with fresh pico, slaw, cheese and our homemade sauce on flour tortillas

    • Smokehouse Burger

      Smokehouse Burger


      Two smash patties topped with bacon, cheddar and BBQ sauce

    • Spicy Catfish Sandwich


      Local catfish breaded to order and topped with our spicy ghost pepper sauce

    • Combos

      All combos served with our famous jumbo lump crab cake, fresh green beans, and homemade garlic smashed potatoes

    • Crab Cake and Broiled Scallops


      Half pound of local sea scallops broiled in our lobster butter sauce and broiled jumbo lump crab cake

    • Crab Cake and Grilled Salmon


      Wild-caught salmon topped with mango salsa and broiled jumbo lump crab cake

    • Crab Cake and Shrimp


      Handpicked local crabmeat broiled to perfection paired with a half pound of our Boat Run shrimp

    • Crab Cake and Snow Crab Legs


      Whole pound of Canadian snow crabs steamed to order and served with drawn butter paired with our jumbo lump crab cake

    • Seafood Boils

      Our boils come with a half pound of our Boat Run shrimp, 6 clams, 6 mussels, sausage, sweet corn and red potatoes

    • Blue Crab Boil


      Our classic boil with 3 medium blue crabs

    • Classic Boil


      Captain Joe's original seafood boil

    • Snow Crab Boil


      Our classic boil with one pound of snow crab legs

    • Soups

    • Cream of Crab

      Cream of Crab


      Jumbo pieces of Maryland blue crab in creamy broth

    • Maryland Crab

      Maryland Crab


      Fresh picked crabmeat and vegetables in a rich tomato broth

    • Homemade and Signature Sides

    • Cuke, Mater, Onion Salad

      Cuke, Mater, Onion Salad

    • Garlic Smashed Potatoes

      Garlic Smashed Potatoes

    • Handcut French Fries

    • Hush Puppies

    • Local Corn on the Cob

      Local Corn on the Cob

    • Mac n' Cheese

      Mac n' Cheese

    • Red Skin Potato Salad

      Red Skin Potato Salad

    • Tangy Cole Slaw

      Tangy Cole Slaw

    • Entrées

      All entrees are served with our fresh green beans and homemade garlic smashed potatoes

    • Blackened Chicken

      Blackened Chicken


      Two 7 ounce chicken breasts blackened and grilled

    • Broiled Salmon with Mango Salsa

      Broiled Salmon with Mango Salsa


      Wild-caught Norwegian salmon filet grilled medium and topped with our mango salsa

    • Double Crab Cake Entree

      Double Crab Cake Entree


      Two of our famous crab cakes

    • Eastern Shore Platter

      Eastern Shore Platter


      Broiled crab cake, jumbo fried shrimp and whole filet of

      hand breaded flounder

    • Single Crab Cake Entree

      Single Crab Cake Entree


      Handpicked jumbo lump crab cake

    • Stuffed Flounder


      Whole flounder filet and jumbo lump crab topped with our creamy and rich imperial sauce

    • Boats

      Our "Boats" are served with our handcut french fries and a small side of our homemade cole slaw

    • Chicken Tenders (5)

      Chicken Tenders (5)


      Lightly breaded, all white meat chicken tenders perfectly fried

    • Clam Strips Boat

      Clam Strips Boat


      8 ounce portion of breaded sea clams fried to a golden brown

    • Fish Boat

      Fish Boat


      Large flounder filet hand breaded and deep fried

    • Oyster Boat

      Oyster Boat


      Half pound of deep fried oysters

    • Shrimp Boat

      Shrimp Boat


      Breaded shrimp, deep fried

    • Baskets

    • Clam Strips


      4 ounce portion of breaded sea clams fried to a golden brown

    • Fried Green Beans

      Fried Green Beans


      Lightly breaded and deep fried served with our grouper sauce

    • House Cut French Fries

      House Cut French Fries


      Our classic hand-cut fries, deep fried

    • Hush Puppies

      Hush Puppies


      Cornmeal batter and deep fried to a golden brown

    • Sweet Potato Fries

      Sweet Potato Fries


      Sweet potato fries served with vour choice of powdered sugar

    • Drinks

      Ask your server about our beer buckets!

    • Bottled Beer

      Coors Light - 4.75, Miller Lite - 4.75, Budweiser - $4.75, Bud Light - $4.75, Yuengling - 4.75, Michelob Ultra - 4.75, Corona Light - 5.75, Corona Extra - 5.75, Blue Moon - 5.75, Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA - 5.75, Modelo - 5.75, Heineken - 5.75, Heineken (non-alcoholic) - 6.75, Evo Lot #3 IPA - 5.75

    • Bottled Spring Water

    • Canned Beer, Seltzers, & Ciders

      Natural Light - 3.75, Fin City Pure Lure - 6.75, Angry Orchard (can) - 5.75, White Claw (Black Cherry, can) - 6.50, Hoop Tea - 5.75

    • Cocktails


      Orange Crush, Strawberry Lemonade Crush, Mango Lemonade Crush, Frozen Mango Daquiri, Frozen Strawberry Daquiri, Pina Colada, Creamsicle, Margarita, Bloody Mary, Blueberry Mimosa

    • Draft Beer

      Yuengling, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra

    • Fountain Drinks


      With complimentary refills!
      Coke, Coke Zero, 7-Up, Orange, Root Beer, Lemonade, Ginger Ale

    • House-Brewed Tea & Sweet Tea


      With Complimentary Refills!

    • Wine by the Glass


      Pino Noir, Pino Grigio, Moscato, Chardonnay, White Zinfandel